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Hey, I'm Randy Mease the owner & engineer of Sweet Audio.  I love audio, well not in a crazy creepy kind of way.  Just have the appreciation of creative audio development, and always has been a passion of mine.  Clean audio.  Audio that sounds sweet basically.  A long time, and many whiskeys ago, I was a kid in a band writing songs which started my journey of audio creations.  I eventually moved to Florida to attend Full Sail University to further my sonic craft, and have been recording and mixing professionally since 1997.  I've been able to work with a tremendous amount of clients and co-creatives to enhance my love and skill toward award winning audio post-production.  In 2005 I started my own audio facility, Sweet Audio, to gain control of the world sonically.  I specialize in voice-over recording & editing; sound design & final mixes primarily for the advertising community.  The best part of what I do is having the chance to work with the vast amount of local creatives in the Central Florida area, along with many many producers and advertising agencies throughout the USA.  I'm pretty friggin' awesome and I love you too.


Thanks for checking out my site, feel free to send me a note in the Contact section.